Montana Dinosaur Fossil Dig
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No heavy tools used here. When close to the fossil the only tools used are ice picks and dental picks. The fossils are very delicate and can easily break, as demonstrated by the clump of foil in the picture. Inside is a piece of fossil that broke off while chipping around the edge. No matter how small, it must be kept.

You're probably wondering about the mustard bottle. Inside is a liquid called Butvar which is mainly plastic beads dissolved in acetone. (Or Vinac could be used which is diluted polyvinyl acetate.) This is poured on the fossil and provides a shiny hard surface to help prevent decay and damage.

The part of the Tibia that is exposed is only 1/3 it's full length. Summer is ending and time is running out to uncover the rest of the bone, therefore this fossil will be jacketed with a coat of plaster of paris for the winter to protect it from the elements.


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