Dinosaur Fossil Dig

Searching for dinosaur fossils on a Montana paleontological dig.

dinosaur fossilCome with us on a dinosaur fossil dig to the Paleontology Field Camp in Montana. It has been run for the past 13 years by the Museum of the Rockies and is on land owned by the Nature Conservancy.

On the land are various sites where we were allowed to excavate. These sites have produced numerous fossils. Some, to name only a few, are: Maiasaura, Orodromeus, Troodon, Albertosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Saurornitholestes, Montanaceratops, etc.

Since 1978 exciting evidence has been unearthed here that paved the way to new thinking about how dinosaurs lived.

The Maiasaura left three nesting grounds which confirmed the theory that dinosaurs cared for their young, just as some birds do today. It's also the area where the first dinosaur embryo was discovered in a clutch of Troodon eggs. As if that's not enough, the area contains what is possibly the largest bonebed in the world covering approximately 1-1/2 miles by 1/3 mile. This is interpreted as having been a herd of at most 10,000 Maiasaura.

Pick up your backpack, put on your hat and enjoy the following journey.

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