About Dinosaur Discovery
We are a family business that designs and manufactures dinosaur kits in the USA. We use recycled products that are safe for the user, can be reused and recycled, as well as, teach children to think!

Dinosaur Discovery started in March of 1998 at the National Science Teachers Convention in Boston. The actual seed was planted in 1986 when three events steered me toward my dinosaur destiny. 1st, our son, Kyle, was in the 2nd grade and his elementary school asked for volunteers to teach after school classes. 2nd, Kyle was interested in dinosaurs and 3rd, I had just purchased the book "Model a Monster: Making dinosaurs from every day materials" by Colin Caket. Consequently, I prepared a class on dinosaurs.

We did all sorts of creative dinosaur activities, such as, Pterosaur mobiles, 6" cardboard Stegosaurus and plaster of paris shell imprints. But the most exciting was putting together a life-size painting of Tyrannosaurus rex. It took a lot of paper, a lot of green paint and a lot of tape to end up with a 35 ft. long dinosaur. When finished it was hung on the cafeteria wall for all to admire and, as the students hoped, to scare their fellow classmates.

As years went by the classes progressed into my making dinosaur skeletons to be used by the students as jigsaw puzzles. I first cut them with scissors from poster board and then progressed to sturdier corrugated cardboard. At the same time the skeletons gradually changed from down-sized to life-sized. During this progression the students weren't the only ones learning about dinosaurs. I too began to get excited about new discoveries and bought any and every book I could find on the subject.

The movement from classes into a business culminated when someone commented "You should sell these." What a great idea, make a living while having fun.

I then discovered chip board and the scroll saw! I set up a workshop down cellar and started cutting. I have since progressed into cutting them with a laser in the barn (Glenn so graciously donated a section of his car barn for the laser shop).

The rest of the family got involved when I asked my daughter, April (Moonshadow Design), to design the boxes, brochures and dinosaur curriculum. Then the internet came along and she is now our webmaster.

Nancy & Glenn Walker

PS. We have had the opportunity to go on a dinosaur dig at the Paleontology Field Camp in Montana. See what goes on at a dinosaur fossil dig in the field.


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dinosaur discovery
Glenn and Nancy Walker
dinosaur discovery
The 35 ft. T. rex from the first dinosaur class in 1986. (This is the old stance for T. rex.)